Stephanie & Jon | Alexandria, Virginia Engagement Session

Stephanie & Jon | Alexandria, Virginia Engagement Session


It was a typical Friday evening, and instead of sitting at home to watch Criminal Minds, Jon and Stephanie decided to go to Barnes & Nobles to do homework together. They ordered Caramel Macchiatos and cookies, and sat down to work. As Stephanie began highlighting and reading, Jon said, “Hey Babe, I’m going to go look at some books since I am already done with this one,” flashing up his baseball book.



Thinking nothing of it, Stephanie went on back to reading, while Jon “looked for a new book.” Shortly after, Jon came back up saying, “Babe! Come here, I have to show you something.” Sitting in her cut-off jean shorts, cookie in one hand, highlighter in the other, Stephanie was less than thrilled to get up to go see whatever he was talking about. But, she went anyways.


As they began to walk through the store, Stephanie began to notice what aisle they were going to. It was an aisle she had stood in before, hinting to Jon to marry her someday. He pulled a book down from the wedding planning shelf called, “Groomology,” and said “You know, I think I’m going to need this soon.” Jon is one for jokes, and will do anything for a laugh, so at first Stephanie just thought he was teasing her, as they had been for weeks about getting engaged. But, when she looked up at his face, she knew it was finally happening!


The music in the store completely shut off, and Jon got down on one knee. Neither of them can remember what they said, other than that Stephanie began sticking out her left hand, shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and threw in a few slaps to Jon’s shoulder as well! The manager of the store hid above the neighboring shelf to snap pictures, and customers congratulated the couple as they returned to their seats.
Stephanie and Jon love their coffee dates where they study, read, and talk about life together. It is something that they began to truly treasure in their relationship, so it made for the perfect proposal spot.


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Reception and Ceremony location: Inn at The Old Silk Mil


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