Where are you located? Do you travel?
We are based out of Alexandria, VA, but we are willing to travel anywhere.

What is your photographic style?
We consider our style to be photojournalistic with a modern flair. As you can tell by our portfolio, We LOVE diversity, color, and people that come from all walks of life! We have the most fun when we can capture the candid expressions and moments that unfold throughout the day. It’s very important to understand that the body of work you receive will have a mixture of formal and candid photos but the majority will be candid. So if you have family members that are paying and prefer a different style, please look into other options.

I love your work! How do I reserve you to photograph my wedding?
In all fairness, we  work on a first come, first serve basis. Once we receive a signed copy of your wedding contract and a 25% non-refundable retainer – your date is saved! Please note that email inquiries do not guarantee any client to a particular date. It is not unusual for me to receive two to four inquiries for most dates during busy seasons, and therefore the only way to secure your date is through a signed contract and security deposit!

Do you have a second shooter and who is it?
Depending on the size and type of event, I usually shoot with a second shooter. That lovely second shooter is the love of my life! 🙂 Having a second photographer gives you a variety of angled shots from your special day. By having him as a second shooter, it allows for you to have “get ready” photos from the bridesmaids and groomsmen room. Above all, there will be less missed moments with two creative eyes.

How far in advance should we  book our engagement session and send out our “Save The Dates”?
It’s best to send them out at around six months prior to the ceremony (eight months for a destination wedding). This gives your guests plenty of time to save money, book their travel/lodging, and request for days off from work. It usually takes around 4 weeks to edit your engagement photos so you should take your photos about one month before you plan to send them out.

We want to take pictures in a really nice location for our engagement shoot and on our wedding day. Do you know if we need a permit?
We would love to help you with this, but the answer is that it varies. There are many national and historic public sites that do require a permit, but the permit must be obtained by you the client. If you do not have any ideas on possible locations, just let us know and we will offer some insight on possible solutions. If we try to shoot in a location that requires a permit, and we do not have one, we will be asked to leave and we do not want that to happen to us!

The venue you select will play a role in how “nice” your photos come out. Make sure you select a venue that has multiple locations to take photos and is decorated for events. We’re not always given the opportunity to change our positioning or angle so make sure that everything you see would be fine in the background or foreground of your pictures.

How much time should we set aside on our wedding day for pictures?
We ask for couples to block out at least 1 hour of private time for their couple shots, bridal party members, and immediate family. If you like all of the photos showcased in my portfolio, allocating this much of interrupted time will give you beautiful photos to last for a lifetime. We know you may be anxious to go in and enjoy the reception but it is important that you do not rush what takes time to beautifully craft.

We cannot stress this enough: Planning is key. The more that you have planned, the less stressed that you will be on your wedding day. Nervous brides do not make for great pictures and we want your photos to be amazing! The #1 mistake that most couples will make when it comes to photography is “rushing” us through the day. The most disappointing thing we encounter in wedding photography is hearing, “We’ve only got 30 minutes for pictures, and we want you to shoot ten family groups first!”

It is critical that you give us “alone time” with just the two of you. The more time that we have with the two of you, the more creative we can be with the photos. When we’re forced to stack all the photos into just a few minutes, they look formulaic. Again, the best images that you see on our website were the result of great planning, allowing enough time, and not spontaneous good luck.

Approximately how many photos will I receive?
The number of image you will receive in your proof gallery depend on several factors – type of event, the length of the day, amount of coverage, number of guests, number of events covered, and etc will all play a role. Every wedding is different and will result in a different number of images. For engagement shoots, the more outfits you have and the more locations you select, the more photos there will be.

What camera & lenses do you use? Do you have liability insurance?
We are Canon users and have liability insurance. We have multiple camera bodies and a range of lenses from wide angles to telephotos, primes to zoom lenses. Your venue may require you to provide insurance so if needed, please give me a 30 days notice, the contact information of your Venue, Wedding Coordinator, and we will take care of submitting everything.

What happens if there is an emergency situation and you are unable to photograph my wedding?
We would have to be on our death beds to miss such an important day in your life. We clear out our entire schedule for the day. In the highly unlikely event that we are unable to photograph your wedding, we will do everything in my power to secure a replacement.

Will you give us the raw, unedited files?
The raw, unedited files are not available for viewing.

How long does it take to receive my photos?
On average, weddings take 4 weeks for us to return your proofs.

Do I have permission to print the photos? Can I use them online?
With each event, we release the photographs for personal use after final payment. This allows you to print the images at any place you desire. We also ask that if you post your images online through social media like Facebook or Instagram– that you state clearly, “By Lola Snaps Photography” below or beside the image and/or tag my page or website.

What are enhanced photos and do you edit all photos?
All photos will have basic color corrections but your top selections will have light enhancements. Your selections may not always need additional edits but in the case that they do, this will include removing stray hairs,  teeth whitening, removing blemishes, distracting objects, and anything else you request for in reasonable means.

How will I receive my images?
You will receive your images through a downloadable link, CD/DVD, and/or Wooden USB drive.

Do you offer products such as canvas prints, coffee table books, and albums?
Yes indeed! Let us know what you are interested in so that we can bring your photos to life. In the meantime, you can check out a few sample layouts that we have created in the past here.