How to Select a Wedding Color Palette

How to Select a Wedding Color Palette

One of the most memorable elements to any wedding is the color palette. Whether you want to be unique in your choice or use tried and true colors, it’s important to stay true what you actually love. The decision process is usually the most difficult part. Once you’ve chosen your color palette, all the right décor items will fall into place. So how does one chose the right color palette for such a special day? Here are few tips and advice from myself and other wedding experts:

Take the season into account

How to Select a Wedding Color Palette by Lola Snaps Photography

If you are getting married in the summer, explore color palettes that fit sunny, warm weather like yellows and white. Another great example is deep purple and orange for fall or a deep cranberry red which is also great for winter. If you insist on using your favorite color, every color has a coordinating season, so pick a basic color that you love, then go lighter or darker depending on your season. For example, if you’re favorite color is blue: sky blue works for spring, aqua works for summer, blueberry for fall, and navy for winter. You may be swayed by the “hottest” colors for the year but keep in mind that you want your wedding photos to look classic and timeless when you reminisce 25 years from now. Back in 2008, hot pink and orange were very popular but also very short lived. Select a color that you and your fiancé both love and that will stand the test of time.

Consider your wedding’s theme

How to Select a Wedding Color Palette by Lola Snaps Photography

A formal wedding may be well-suited for sophisticated black or the regality of purple, while a casual wedding may be more appropriate for lighter shades of blue or green. If you rather not pick a color, you can select a neutral color palette: Think grays, champagne, gold, silver, black and white; which work with any season and any skin tone.  You’ll want to pick a style and color that is flattering on your bridal party. Bright colors tend to make people look bigger while dark colors slim down a figure.

If you are all about the meaning and symbolism behind a color, Huffington Post’s Color and Energy Expert Linda Lauren  says,  “light lavender to purple creates harmony within a group and enhances the magical energy of the occasion. Pink and peach, mixed with subtle tones of red, will step up the feeling of love and romance. Green and blue promises abundance through celebration and will help promote peace.”

If the theme of your wedding will have some cultural significance research the country or ethnic ground you are incorporating to understand the meaning of certain colors. Red for instance in Western and Eastern cultures signify a married woman, love, passion, excitement, and good fortune whereas in Japan it ignites anger and danger.

Think about how your wedding venue will blend in
How to Select a Wedding Color Palette by Lola Snaps Photography

Assess what colors would complement your wedding and reception venue/space. An outdoor wedding may require colors that complement the greenery well such as white, orange and pink. On the other hand, an indoor wedding may require some glitz so silver and gold would complement the space well.  Moreover, always take note of the mood and colors at the location–especially the ones you cannot change, such as the ceiling, the walls, the floor, and the immediate surrounding area. No matter how beautiful your chosen colors are, if they don’t match the mood of your venue, it will look out of place. Start with what you know and choose the colors that complement that style.

Mandy Scott is the owner of Mandy Scott Events in San Francisco and the California wine country, an award-winning floral design and wedding planning company. She says you should, “look at interior design magazines and pull photos of those interiors that speak to you, then look at them and analyze why you chose them and how the colors make the couple feel. Finally, take a walk in nature,  because nature can give us very unique and inspired color combinations!”

Whether you have a big wedding or small wedding and whether it’s indoors or outdoors, your choice of colors can help make a difference in making your wedding photos unforgettable. Choose colors that are a reflection of the love between you and your spouse and stay true to your personal style. I hope that these quick tips for how to select a wedding color palette were helpful and that you enjoy your entire wedding planning process.

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